Penny and Music: Which One is More Appealing to You ?

In the past, I learned something called rhetorical strategies: logos, ethos, and pathos. It is an interesting topic for me because it unpacks the different methods that authors could use to appeal to their audiences. In this post, I will compare Ernest Buckler’s “Penny in the Dust” and C. S. Lewis’ “On Church Music”.
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Informal Essay with Ernest Buckler’s “Penny in the Dust”

“Penny in the Dust” is about a farmer’s kid that plays “treasure hunting” with his precious penny in the dust until he lost it for real. Why is he doing that? He can’t find that penny in the dust, so what will he do next? This story reflects the wondrous grace that a father has for his children. It is also relatable because we like to treat some things recklessly, until we lose it and later realize how valuable it is.
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Orwell’s “Politics and the English Language”: How to Repair Corrupt Politics with Good Grammar

What is it about politics and English language? A British man by the name of George Orwell had explored the connection between the political world and linguistic world, especially English, through his famous essay “Politics and the English Language”. If you hate politics because you don’t understand what it about, then this little summary (and a bit of my rant) is for you.

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